CT Lung Screening Myths vs. Facts

    While some myths are enjoyable, CT lung screening myths are not helpful.  Such myths could prevent current and former smokers from getting the exam they need.

    Storytelling, oral traditions, wild tales, the “spooky ghost stories” of that holiday song are all part of the human experience. Those are fun things. But you, or your loved one, need the facts about CT lung screenings. Let’s examine a few myths, and debunk them so you can make informed decisions:

    I quit smoking, so I don’t need CT lung screening

    False. If you quit within the last 15 years, and are age 55+, a lung screening is very much recommended. Even if you quit more than 15 years ago, ask your doctor if they recommend a screening. Keep in mind, the test is for those without symptoms of lung cancer, so get your doctor’s recommendation and an order for the exam first.

    CT lung screenings take too much time

    Actually, the exam itself is very rapid – about 30 seconds.  Obviously, there may be a short wait time before you are put in the exam room, but overall the experience should be quick. One visit, one exam. Read about the procedure at RMI here.

    I may get too much radiation from CT lung screenings

    Actually, our low-dose CT lung screening exam used about five times less radiation than conventional CT exams.

    CT lung screening is expensive

    If the screening not covered by your insurance, or you do not have insurance, the exam runs roughly $280. Think of how many packs of cigarettes that is at today’s prices. Now think of how many more years you will live if a tumor is found early and treated. Keep in mind: early detection is the key. Early detection means upwards of 92% survival. Too late, and that number plummets to 15%. It’s worth the cost of a few trips for groceries and the like.

    Other Myths and Facts

    If you found those myths & facts useful, also check out our web page on lung cancer myths & facts for further information.