Our partner Medicom provides a data exchange system enabling referring physicians to download RMI’s reports and images directly into their own EMR and PACS. Medicom handles the work of interfacing with referring systems.

    The Medicom solution saves physician offices and hospitals valuable time and resources otherwise devoted to manually importing records into their EMR.

    If you want to get started using Medicom, please contact your RMI Physician Liaison today.


    Benefits to Radiologists, Referring Physicians, and Patient Outcomes:

    • Radiologists will have all prior images and reports immediately available.
    • Eliminating delays and improved accuracy in reads and reducing amended reports.
    • Reduce turnaround time for the reports and images sent to the referring physicians.
    • Allow the referring physician to immediately give information to patients on the outcome of the exam and accelerate the treatment process overall reducing the episode of care for the patient.