Interventional Pain Management

    Services performed at: Lennon Road-Flint

    RMI provides a range of neuro-interventional procedures to diagnose and treat spine disorders, such as osteoporosis, tumors, compression fractures, infections, or chronic back pain.


    Diagnostic Procedures

    Myelography with Post-Myelographic CT (Computed Tomography)

    Uses an injection of contrast material to enable doctors to view the spine, looking for signs of disease or injury to the spinal cord.

    Spinal Biopsy

    An image-guided procedure that uses a needle to extract a small amount of tissue to test for cancer in the spinal column.

    Discography with Manometry

    Uses injected contrast material, a CT scanner, and a small probe to study the condition of the discs between the vertebrae (bones that make up the spine).

    Disc Aspiration Biopsy

    Uses X-Rays to guide a needle that extracts a small amount of tissue from one or more discs to test for possible infection.


    Spinal and Pain Management Procedures

    Epidural Steroid Injections

    Uses X-Rays to guide the injection of a steroid medication to relieve pain from inflamed nerves in the spine.

    Nerve or Facet Blocks

    X-Ray-guided injection of a steroid medication to relieve pain originating in or transmitted through spinal nerves or joints.


    Injection, under X-Ray guidance, of a special cement into an area of the spine to repair small fractures or cavities in bones, caused by injury or disorders such as osteoporosis.