Synergy Longevity Centers

    Be Confident In Your Health

    Imagine the peace of mind in being absolutely certain you are in the best possible health. Through Regional Medical Imaging’s partnership with Synergy Longevity Centers, it is now possible to be confident in your well-being.

    A nearly four decades leader in diagnostic imaging, RMI is providing its diagnostic services to patients undergoing a litany of healthier lifestyle tests through Synergy Longevity Centers.

    With help from the healthcare industry’s best imaging technology and a comprehensive screening program, patients may now experience longer and healthier lives.

    Scans and Tests Include

    • Longevity Evaluation
    • Whole-Body MRI: Synergy Deep Scan
    • Cancer-Focused Assessment
    • Heart-Health Assessment
    • Nutritional Evaluation

    Be confident in the status of your health!

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