Cash Pay Pricing

    Have a high deductible or no insurance at all?

    Curious about how our prices compare with other imaging centers in mid-Michigan?

    Take the RMI challenge!

    For those with high deductibles or no insurance, we’re confident you’ll find that RMI is significantly more affordable. Our time-of-service cash pay saves you up to 50% or higher savings compared to other mid-Michigan imaging providers.

    By using our self-pay option, you get affordable, high-quality imaging services, avoiding the hassle of merely paying down your deductible while paying more out of your pocket.

    Save those deductible payments for really big issues, and pay less up front with cash pay. Take advantage of our affordable pricing options. Click here to view time of service pricing.

    Our cash pay pricing also includes the radiologist reading fee. Most providers charge a separate fee on a separate bill.

    If You Have Insurance

    If you have health insurance, your exams will be covered as we take most insurances. Learn more about our billing & insurance. If you are unsure of whether RMI accepts and/or participates with your insurance, please contact us at 810-244-3871.


    Read about how RMI is a leader in cash pay pricing in this Wall Street Journal article.