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Mammogram | CESM

What is CESM?

CESM is a 2D mammogram (see our UltimateMamm®) performed if you have had an inconclusive mammogram or an abnormal ultrasound. It is a diagnostic procedure.

When Is It Used?

Our radiologist will determine if the exam is recommended. CESM is especially useful if you are at high risk for breast cancer and/or have dense breast tissue.

How It Works

CESM results showing the 4 images taken during the exam - low energy and re-combined.

CESM results showing the 4 images taken during the exam – low energy and re-combined.

CESM uses an injection of iodinated contrast (similar to a CT exam) to highlight areas with suspicious lesions and areas of unusual blood flow using subtracted imaging.

It combines four mammography views – two low-energy and two re-combined in the same position to provide clearer visualization. The resulting image shows only where contrast has pooled, indicating areas that are potentially cancerous.

Other Benefits

  • The exam takes less than seven minutes.
  • It reduces the chances of false-positive exam results.
  • The machine provides greater comfort and has a reduced noise level.
  • Delivers personalized and optimized radiation dose based on breast density. (See our Wisely Image pledge).

Where Does RMI Offer this Exam?

The “Senobright” CESM exam is performed at our Lennon Road, Flint, and Novi offices on new General Electric “Senographe Pristina” machines, which are designed for both 2D and 3D (Tomosynthesis) mammograms.


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