Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM)

    Services Performed at: Lennon Rd-Flint and Novi


    CESM results showing the 4 images taken during the exam – low energy and re-combined.

    What is CESM and When is it Used?


    CESM is a 2D mammogram (see our 3D UltimateMamm®) performed if you have had an inconclusive mammogram or an abnormal ultrasound. It is a diagnostic procedure.


    Our radiologist will determine if the exam is recommended. CESM is especially useful if you are at high risk for breast cancer and/or have dense breast tissue.


    How It Works

    CESM uses an injection of iodinated contrast (similar to a CT exam) to highlight areas with suspicious lesions and areas of unusual blood flow using subtracted imaging.

    It combines four mammography views – two low-energy and two re-combined in the same position to provide clearer visualization. The resulting image shows only where contrast has pooled, indicating areas that are potentially cancerous.


    Other Benefits

    • The exam takes less than seven minutes.
    • It reduces the chances of false-positive exam results.
    • The General Electric “Senographe Pristina” machineprovides greater comfort and has a reduced noise level.
    • Delivers personalized and optimized radiation dose based on breast density. (See our Wisely Image pledge).