RMiConnect Physician Portal


    What is RMiConnect™?

    RMiConnect™ Physician Portal is an online service created for image and report viewing and order entry (CPOE) with clinical decision-making support. It meets Meaningful Use criteria, and is both web and mobile accessible.

    Additionally, it tracks patient flow – allowing you to see when a patient completed their exam, or if they cancelled or rescheduled the appointment. It can be your go-to resource for all your practice’s imaging needs.

    Patient data is easily available “at your fingertips” and the portal provides secure messaging capability between RMI and your office.

    You can track patient progress from anywhere on a PC or mobile device. The portal allows you to “break the glass” (i.e. pull up any patient records whether you referred them to RMI or not) when required for continuation of care.



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