A New Year for Choice in Medical Imaging | RMI

    Shopping and comparing cash prices for medical imaging exams is quickly become a necessity rather than simply a good idea. This is especially true in an era of high deductibles and co-pays, when it may be wiser to pay out-of-pocket instead of simply paying down a deductible.

    The end of the year is upon us, and the expiration to sign up for either the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) or your company’s insurance has most likely passed. So it is worth the effort to review your policy, and see how much you need to chip in out-of-pocket for medical imaging. You may be surprised.

    Knowing this, it’s then well worth your while to compare cash pay costs. As we like to remind folks, you have a choice where you go for medical diagnostic imaging.

    Yes, reviewing your insurance policy (if you have insurance) and price comparing imaging exams takes some extra effort. Especially considering that many providers, unlike RMI, do not readily show their cash-pay pricing. However, your savings by choosing to pay cash may be significant.

    Getting Medical Imaging Prices

    RMI has always been up front with our cash prices, which we strive to keep at least 50% lower than other competitors. So how do you get information on cash pay (out-of-pocket) prices?

    For RMI, we readily provide a downloadable PDF called the Self-Pay Pricing Sheet. You can see what our cash pricing is for many common imaging exams.

    In addition, we participate with New Choice Health, an online health care pricing comparison site. Here, you can input the imaging exam (and many other exams for that matter), your general location, and get a list of providers and their price ranges. It’s free, easy-to-use, and we think you will find RMI ranks at the top of low prices for nearly every category for medical imaging.

    Choosing Right in the New Year

    We wish you happiness and good health in the New Year! However, if you should need medical imaging please keep in mind that you have a choice where to go. Choose RMI, and make sure you are informed about the costs and payment methods available to you.