Patient Payment Policy


    Policy Details

    At RMI, payment is expected at the time services are rendered. The Pre-Registration Department contacts insurance companies directly to get the best estimate possible on what you will owe. Here are the three standard payment options available at the time of the appointment:


    1. Payment in full at the time of service (i.e. upfront).

    2. Half down with a credit or debit card left on file and an agreement signed by the patient for an automatic monthly withdrawal.

    • Any balance less than $500 may be carried a maximum of six months
    • Any balance greater than $500 may be carried a maximum of twelve months

    3. A post-dated check or card left on file adhering to one of the two payment options listed above. Post-dated payments must be within one week of the date of service.


    If you are unable to meet one of these three options, we can reschedule your appointment to time when you can pay by one of the above options. Just let us know – we’re here to work with you. To re-schedule your appointment, please contact the Pre-Registration Department at 810-244-7100.


    We accept the following forms of payment: