Clinical Decision Support for Imaging


    What is Clinical Decision Support (CDS)?

    Clinical Decision Support is a critical component of ordering medical imaging starting in 2020. Physicians ordering advanced medical imaging for Medicare Part B patients are required to consult with Clinical Decision Support before ordering.

    This rule is part of the 2014 Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA), requires you to consult appropriate use criteria (AUC) before ordering advanced diagnostic imaging (CT, MR, Nuclear, PET) for all Medicare Part B patients. CDS is a means of meeting AUC and reducing inappropriate imaging ordering. This promotes patient safety and reduces costs.


    How RMI Helps You

    RMI is providing free connectivity to CareSelect®, a web-based CDS tool that helps you select the right imaging study based on clinical indicators. With a few quick steps, CareSelect provides a Decision Support Number (DSN). That number confirms your imaging choice meets AUC. The DSN must be placed on the patient’s order.


    Without the DSN, imaging centers CANNOT provide advanced imaging for Medicare patients.


    Getting Started with CareSelect®

    Call your RMI Physician Liaison to set up CareSelect CDS.