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RMI is an accredited facility for mammograms.The UltimateMamm® is a mammogram program offered by RMI that gives women all the information they need to take control of their healthcare. When a woman gets an UltimateMamm, she is given her breast density and her Gail Score (lifetime cancer risk assessment). RMI evaluates her HBOC (Hereditary Breast and Ovarian cancer risk) by taking into account both immediate and extended family history. RMI will help determine whether a BRCA (Breast Cancer) gene test and/or a breast MRI are recommended. RMI tries to give women everything they need to feel and stay secure in knowing they are healthy and how to stay that way.

RMI Provides Digital Mammography for Improved Comfort and Shorter Exam Times

RMI is an accredited facility for mammograms.Mammography is a breast cancer screening method that uses low-dose X-rays to create images of the breast from multiple angles, using a special apparatus that is pressed firmly against the breast, flattening the tissue for better imaging. RMI uses digital mammogram systems that, in addition to their diagnostic accuracy, can make the mammogram experience shorter and more comfortable for patients.

Digital mammography has contributed significantly to the accuracy of breast cancer detection with enhanced clarity and the ability to magnify the digital images. Since the images can be transmitted immediately online, digital mammography also makes it easier and more efficient to share images and reports with your doctors.

Mammography is a crucial diagnostic and screening method for women, increasing the chance that any tumors that develop will be discovered while they are still small and in their early stages. Early detection of breast cancer makes successful treatment much more likely. Depending on your age and medical history, your physician may order a mammogram as a routine, periodic screening, or as-needed if a potential problem is discovered during a medical examination or self-examination.

Preparing for Mammography

  • Mammogram History Form (Please print, complete and bring with you to your appointment.)
  • Please refrain from using deodorants, powders or shimmer/glitter lotions before the mammogram. They may interfere with the quality of your test.
  • Compression of the breast is a critical part of the study. If your breasts are sensitive before the screening, you may choose to reschedule your mammogram, or schedule it a week after your period.
  • Please tell the technologist if you experience soreness during the examination. She will make appropriate adjustments to ensure your comfort.

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