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    We are excited to be the FIRST IN MICHIGAN to partner with Koios Medical and now offer Koios DS Breast Smart Ultrasound™ exams.


    Koios DS Introduction


    What is Koios DS?

    DS stands for Decision Support. Koios DS is software that assists our doctors analyze breast ultrasound images more accurately. It works after your ultrasound scans are done, so it won’t change your ultrasound procedure in any way. Koios DS uses artificial intelligence to provide an assessment of your ultrasound images that our doctors consider when they recommend a course of action to you. It’s an expert second opinion without an additional exam, travel, or time out of your schedule.


    What does Koios DS do?

    • Koios DS improves accuracy in breast cancer diagnosis
    • Koios DS helps physicians catch cancer sooner
    • Koios DS helps prevent avoidable biopsies
    • Koios DS uses AI technology to assist physicians analyzing breast ultrasounds
    • Koios DS is clinically proven to work as a second opinion
    • Koios DS is the first and only FDA-cleared solution of its kind


    How does Koios DS work?

    Koios DS uses machine learning, which is a kind of artificial intelligence. It was trained by looking at hundreds of thousands of ultrasound images from other patients whose tumors were proven to be malignant or benign. The system will continue to get smarter as it analyzes more images. Koios DS applies its learning to your ultrasounds and makes an assessment. Your radiologist considers that assessment along with their own look at the images and other information about your health to recommend a follow-up plan.


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    About Koios Medical

    Koios Medical develops medical software to assist physicians interpreting ultrasound images and applies deep learning methods to the process of reaching an accurate diagnosis. The Koios DS™ platform uses advanced algorithms to assist in the early detection of disease while reducing recommendations for biopsy of benign tissue. Patented technology saves physicians time, helps improve patient outcomes, and reduces healthcare costs. Koios DS Breast is presently focused on the breast cancer diagnosis assistance market. Women with dense breast tissue (over 40% in the US) often require an alternative to mammography for diagnosis. Ultrasound is a widely available and effective alternative to mammography with no radiation and is standard of care for breast cancer diagnosis. To learn more please contact us at info@koiosmedical.com or (732) 529-5755.

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