Talking to family about lung screening in 2017

    Going into the New Year is a good time to encourage your loved one to know the status of their lung health with a quick CT Lung Screening exam.

    It is, no doubt, a difficult subject to broach. Many smokers would prefer not to be reminded (yet again) of their dangerous habit and the statistics that surround lung smoking and cancer. Nevertheless, it’s a talk you need to have.

    So, how do you talk to them about lung screening? Here are a few simple tips to get the conversation rolling:

    Early detection really improves their odds of survival. Statistics show if lung cancer is caught early enough, there’s up to a 92% chance of survival. Catching it too late means survival rates drop to just 15%.

    They aren’t too tough or built too strong. There’s many myths surrounding lung cancer, and trying to play the odds is a losing proposition. Especially if they don’t know what game they are playing, which is why low-dose CT Lung Screening is so important. They need to know what they are up against.

    Lung screening may be covered by their insurance. Even if they don’t meet all the criteria for insurance coverage for the exam , it is well worth the cost. RMI offers cash-pay pricing, saving you up to 50% or more compared to other imaging providers.

    It’s a quick, low-hassle exam: The scanning time is very short (a few minutes), and the entire process only takes a few minutes. Offer to drive your loved one to RMI for the exam. Then take them to lunch to celebrate their first brave step in addressing their smoking issue.

    If they’re clear of any immediate problems, now is the time to talk about quitting. There’s never a bad time to stop smoking. However, if your loved one receives an ‘all clear’ based on the imaging report, it’s the perfect time talk about smoking cessation before problems arise.

    Immediate & long-term effects of quitting: Let your family member know that 12 hours after quitting, carbon monoxide in the blood decreases, and blood oxygen increases to normal, after 48 hours normal sense of smell and taste return as nerve endings re-grow, and 2-3 weeks later your body regenerating and healing and withdrawal symptoms are going away. The, one to nine months after quitting your cilia in your lungs begin to regrow and normal lung function begins to return, reducing shortness of breath and coughing. So, there is a pathway with definite rewards you can tell your loved one about!

    Don’t be afraid! They are probably scared to discuss smoking and lung cancer, but remind them (and yourself) that being informed and ready to act is critical.

    You want your family member or loved one around for a long time, right? So give them a true holiday gift and help them take the first steps in confronting the danger of lung cancer.

    Get involved, help them make the appointment, transport them to the appointment, and encourage them. They’ll need to talk to their doctor for a CT Lung Screening order, as chest X-rays alone aren’t enough. Help them find resources and physicians who really care. RMI is here for them (and you). Happy Holidays!