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Bone Health (Osteoporosis)

Good bone health is an important part of healthy aging. However, women in particular should be aware of a condition called osteoporosis—a thinning of the bones, especially of the spine or hip—that can leave bones thinner, more brittle and more likely to fracture. Although some men develop osteoporosis, women are much more vulnerable—especially after menopause—because women tend to experience more loss of bone tissue as they age.

Severe osteoporosis can cause chronic pain and impair posture and mobility. Although there is no cure, treatments such as calcium supplements or surgical repair of fractures can help improve an osteoporosis patient’s quality of life. If signs of bone loss are detected early, the onset of osteoporosis can sometimes be delayed or prevented.

DEXA, a short, painless procedure offered by RMI, can help doctors look for early signs of bone loss so that treatments can be initiated at an earlier stage, when they will be more effective. The exam is recommended for women who are entering or have entered menopause. For patients with other risk factors for osteoporosis, DEXA may be recommended even before menopause onset.


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