3D Mammogram

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    What is 3D Mammography?

    3D Mammography (also called Digital Breast Tomosynthesis), is a low-cost exam designed to provide better imaging for women with dense breast tissue or other factors. We were the first to offer this exam in Genesee County, and are pleased to offer it in the Metro Detroit area as well.

    How 3D Mammography Works

    3D mammography works by using X-rays to create an image of the inside of the breast. However, it does this by creating three-dimensional (3D) images. While standard mammograms create two-dimensional (flat) images, 3D mammography creates a semi-circular image which can be viewed from many angles.

    In either case, pre-cancerous nodules or potential breast cancer nodules will show up as irregular white areas (‘shadows’) on the recorded image.

    3D mammography makes it easier for RMI’s specialized radiologists to see problems within the breast. That means a better mammogram, especially for patients with dense breast tissue.

    Further Enhancement with CESM

    Along with the 3D Mammogram, your doctor in consultation with our radiologist may order a Contrast-Enhanced Spectral Mammogram (CESM), a mammography exam utilizing an injection of contrast. The contrast will help further highlight any areas of concern on the image.

    An expert’s opinion

    Dr. Kristin Krizmanich, a leader in women’s imaging at RMI, sums up 3D mammography this way:

    “Tomosynthesis makes the greatest difference when used in women with dense breasts, often lowering the number of women that could be called back from their screening mammograms.

     RMI has been the leader in breast imaging for years, and we are very comfortable performing and interpreting each women’s unique case. We work diligently to bring these modalities to the general screening population, and give each woman a tailored approach to best fit her profile based on breast density, risk factors, etc.”

    What Makes RMI’s Service Unique?

    RMI has always been at the forefront in adopting the most current women’s imaging technology. Our team of mammography specialists are leaders in the field of women’s imaging, so you can rest assured that the best radiologists are creating your report. The team includes:

    Randy Hicks, M.D., MBA
    David Strahle, M.D.
    John Dobson, M.D.
    Kristin Krizmanich, M.D.
    Sami Khan, M.D.
    Miriam Pellerito, M.D.

    The Day of your Procedure

    Do not wear deodorant, lotion, or powder. Wear a two-piece outfit. You may have a light breakfast or snack before your procedure, and it’s good to be well-hydrated. The exam takes less than seven minutes