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Celebrating the strides against breast cancer

Often, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there is a tendency to focus on the ongoing and future fight against breast […]...READ MORE

About Men’s Health | Male Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is not just a women’s disease, and as we head into Breast Cancer Awareness Month it’s good to […]...READ MORE

Why Choose RMI

Choice in medical care is important, and we’d like to give some examples of how choice can affect the entire […]...READ MORE

It’s Your Choice for Medical Imaging

Choice is an important word, especially when it comes to diagnostic imaging. As Americans, we value choice and the freedom […]...READ MORE

Don’t Get The Facts Twisted | Annual Mammograms

When women should start getting annual mammograms, and how often they do so, has been a topic of debate over […]...READ MORE

What You Need to Know About Breast Lumps

Breast lumps can indicate many things, and can cause worry and fear that may be unfounded. Here is a list […]...READ MORE

Take Care of the Earth & Your Health

Although it may not seem related, Earth Day is as much about your health as it is the environment. Earth […]...READ MORE

RMI Celebrates Doctor’s Day!

Today is National Doctor’s Day, where the service of physicians is acknowledged by the public. First observed in 1933 in […]...READ MORE

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Discounts and Payment Plans

RMI provides options to help uninsured or underinsured patients manage the cost of medical imaging procedures.
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CT Lung Cancer Screening

RMI now offers a test that can reduce the risk of lung cancer mortality in patients with a cigarette smoking history.
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Quality diagnostic and preventative care ... with a focus on women.
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