Ignorance is not bliss | CT lung screening

    Is it rational to have a fear of CT lung screening? Is it better to not know about lung cancer? It is a truism in the medical community that many times, for many reasons, people do not want to know about their health risks – especially when it is based on their own behavior.

    We all have habits – some good, some bad. With issues such as smoking and the risk of lung cancer, it is best to catch it early so we can be there for our loved ones. While some lung cancer can arise from toxins in the environment or workplace, smoking continues to be the primary cause (80%) for lung cancer, according to the American Cancer Society.

    November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and during this time the physicians and staff of RMI want to help you or a loved one face this issue. If you or someone you know is a smoker, NOW is the time to get a low-dose CT lung screening. It’s fast, easy, painless, and will enable you and your loved ones to make critical care decisions. Time is of the essence. As noted on the RMI CT Lung Screening web page, catching lung cancer early makes all the difference – survival rises to above 90%. Catching it too late is another story entirely.

    Some feel they can do the math, and calculate the odds for themselves based on their own habits. But each person is different, and guessing if you or a loved one have a good survival chance is no way to go. The only way to know is to have your lungs screened.

    Once your physician knows what is going on inside you, they can help you towards a solution.

    How to get a CT lung screening today

    1. Learn about the eligibility requirements for a CT Lung Screening on our web page. Visit https://www.rmipc.net/ct-lung-screening/
    2. Consult with your primary care physician and have an honest discussion about your smoking habits. If they advise you to get a CT lung screening, ask for an order to come to RMI. Our experts are here for you.
    3. Be aware the exam itself is only 30 seconds, and is painless. Your overall time at RMI will be somewhat longer as with any medical office visit.
    4. Your primary care physician will follow up with you about the results. At that point, you can plan what your next steps will be.

    Learn More Today

    The RMI website has a lot of information about CT lung screening including tools and calculators you can use. You may want to review the video testimonial with one of our patients or this video from the American Lung Association. You can also browse the links to other resources on our site.