Why Choose RMI

    Choice in medical care is important, and we’d like to give some examples of how choice can affect the entire encounter with a healthcare provider. In our last blog, we spoke about why choice is important to you as a consumer. After all, it is your money, time, and most importantly, health – that is on the line.

    When your doctor sends you for a test, they are very likely to send you someplace they know, are more familiar with, or believe to produce more accurate results. What they don’t mention is that due to a hectic schedule, they don’t always have time to explore all the options imaging providers offer. That’s OK, but it is important that you as a consumer realize the power of choice is in your hands. We believe RMI offers service and an atmosphere that is a cut above many others. Why? Let’s consider some facts:

    Cost: RMI accepts most insurances, and we’ll help you and your provider determine if you are covered. In addition, for those without insurance or high deductibles, cash pay is the way to go. As we mentioned in the last blog, RMI is often 50% (or more) less expensive than most imaging providers. Our cash pay includes our specialized radiologist fee, while others does not.

    Speed: We realize speed is of the essence, and RMI continually looks for ways to become more efficient to better serve our guests.

    Convenience: Besides always staying up-to-date (if not ahead) on the latest technology, we also think very hard about the patient experience from start to finish. Each of our eight convenient locations has easy parking, both large and private waiting areas, private restrooms, water & coffee dispensers, and more.

    Atmosphere: How many times have you been in a medical facility with beige walls, beige carpet, fluorescent lights, and the like? We think this can be a bit boring, and since our founding we have used interior designers to guide us to create waiting areas that are attractive, comfortable, welcoming, and relaxing. Some exams produce more anxieties than others and we want to help keep you at ease by offering some comfort things like warm towels, soft lighting, bottled water, and a comfortable room. It’s all deliberate, and its all for our patients.

    We hope when you are exercising your choice of where to go for imaging, you consider all the factors including cost. It’s worth the effort to make your experience as stress-free as possible during what can be a stressful time.