Take Care of the Earth & Your Health

    Although it may not seem related, Earth Day is as much about your health as it is the environment. Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, was created to emphasize awareness of the Earth’s environment and its profound effects on our well-being.

    Founded in 1970 after a previous United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization conference, it is a day that means different things to people around the world. Perhaps the most agreed-upon idea is that a healthy environment means healthier people. And one of the ways to promote a healthy ecosystem is prevention and cleanup of pollution.

    When it comes to our own bodies and lives, this idea is also quite true. Although visiting the doctor (or following that, the radiologists at RMI whom read your imaging exams) is not something particularly enjoyed, good health is paramount! To combat existing illness or to prevent future illness, you and your doctor need to know what is going on.

    People involved with Earth Day or with a focus on the environment speak a lot about sustainability, prevention, renewal, and conservation. Those words also apply to your body. For example, if you are a smoker or former smoker, you need to know the status of your lungs – which is where CT lung screening plays a prevention role. The same thing goes for CT calcium scoring, if you have risks for your heart health.

    For women, an annual UltimateMamm is crucial for breast health from age 40 onward, while bone densitometry may be a tool for spotting issues with your bone calcium mass as you age.

    Prevention, renewal and sustainability are all important for a healthy and happy life. Don’t put off talking with your physician about preventative screenings that may catch problems early.

    So this Earth Day, act to make the world a greener, cleaner place, and make sure you are taking conservation of your own health into account as well. Happy Earth Day!