RMI Celebrates Doctor’s Day!

    Today is National Doctor’s Day, where the service of physicians is acknowledged by the public.

    First observed in 1933 in Georgia and now observed every March 30th, the day was made into a national holiday by Congress and signed into law (Public Law 101-473) by President Bush in 1990.

    For the folks at Regional Medical Imaging, this is a day where our staff takes the time to thank our radiologists for their work on behalf of the company, and more importantly, the people we serve. Many times, our patients do not see the radiologists who actually read the report.

    The radiologists are often spending their many hours in a darkened office room, lit by the glow of computer monitors, as they expertly analyze the images taken by our various machines. They then create reports of their findings, which are passed along with the images to the patient’s doctor for follow up. This can be a deeply collaborative effort, as our radiologists may spot something that needs immediate action or gives cause for deeper consultation with a physician.

    For this reason, radiologists are often known as the “doctor’s doctor.” Together, they may be a team, or part of a team, of medical professionals trying to determine how to provide for your health. Needless to say, it requires enormous training to be a radiologist – just like any other doctor. And they put in many hours on the job each week to make sure the imaging results are turned around quickly and with accuracy.

    We’d be remiss if we did not acknowledge all the doctors in the communities we serve in Genesee, Lapeer, and Oakland Counties.

    So, from all of us at Regional Medical Imaging, a very happy Doctor’s Day!