Preparing for Your Imaging Exam

    Preparing for your imaging exam can make all the difference between an exam that runs smoothly and gets you in and out and on with your day, and delays or cancellations. So the motto is: be prepped!

    Depending on the exam, there are a number of things you may need to do before arriving for your appointment. However, a few general things will make things go more smoothly.

    The Basics

    If you were given one of our handy Location Map/Exam Prep sheets, bring that with you to your appointment, along with your doctor’s order form (if required), a photo ID, your medical insurance information, and a complete list of medications you are taking.

    Follow Directions Carefully

    It’s very important to follow your prep directions carefully for both your safety and comfort. While some exams require no prep, other exams have very specific requirements. Those prep requirements may include ingesting Readi-Cat contrast, avoiding eating or exercising for a certain period, drinking a large volume of water prior to the exam, avoiding certain medications, and more.


    If you have any questions whatsoever, please call our friendly staff who will help you understand the prep requirements. We want to make sure your exam is as comfortable and easy as we can possibly make it. We understand that you may feel some anxiety, and we’re here help in any way we can. Please call 810-720-1919 with questions.

    Exam Prep Instructions

    The RMI website has a comprehensive list of the preparation instructions you need. Please visit Patient Exam Preparation.