It’s Your Choice for Medical Imaging

    Choice is an important word, especially when it comes to diagnostic imaging. As Americans, we value choice and the freedom of choice as cornerstones of our society.

    Yet, when it comes to our healthcare, we often defer our ability to choose based on what our providers say. The reasoning is that our doctor has the expertise when it comes to our health. This is true. Their job is indeed to diagnose and treat our health issues.

    However, there are many times when we as consumers can and should choose. The healthcare industry, especially insurance, is placing more responsibility in the hands of patients (i.e. consumers). This is done both for financial reasons and due to the complexity and range of care available. As consumers slowly assume more responsibility for their own healthcare, choice is more important than ever.

    When you are referred for medical imaging, it is very common for a physician to quickly send you to a center they are familiar with, have privileges at, or simply use out of routine. However, you always have a choice where to go for service. Now, of course we hope you choose RMI! The point is that YOU have the power to choose and should exercise it.

    What you pay is also a matter of choice! Often, cash pay is a viable option even for those with insurance. Why? Simply put, it may be far less expensive to pay out-of-pocket (cash pay) prices, than to pay down deductibles and co-pays. For those without insurance, cash pricing may be just the solution you need. If you don’t have insurance – RMI can help! We are proud to be a leader in pricing transparency. Learn more about RMI’s cash pay pricing.

    There are online tools available to compare exam prices by provider. For example, check out New Choice Health and see what x-ray or mammogram prices are in your area.

    If you have insurance, we accept most insurances – we’ve got you covered.

    We’re not used to thinking about shopping around for healthcare costs. After all, you’re not purchasing an everyday commodity or service. Quality and cost are crucial! So ask questions and do a little homework about imaging providers and see how their pricing stacks up. You can also ask your physician why they recommend a particular imaging facility. For example, RMI has served our communities for more than 30 years, we offer a team of specialized radiologists.

    In conclusion, consider cost, reputation, and service level of the imaging provider. Take charge of your healthcare dollars today!

    Remember – it’s YOUR choice.