How To Get Your Exam Report

    A common question we get at RMI is “How do I get my exam report?” As RMI focuses on providing the best patient experience possible, we are continually working to make accessing records easier. There are several methods for getting your results:

    Call your ordering physician. This is hands-down the best way to get your report. Your physician can answer any diagnostic and treatment questions you may have. Please be aware RMI cannot answer diagnostic or treatment questions. Your ordering physician must answer such questions.

    Please remember it takes time for our radiologists to study the images, compile their report, and transmit the results to your physician. A rule of thumb is to allow six days between your imaging exams here at RMI and following up with your physicians.

    The Patient Portal.  RMI provides a web-based Patient Portal available at https://patientportal.rmipc.net/PortalWeb/Account/Logon. You will need to get a username and password from us in order to access the portal. Your report is available approximately six days after your exam.

    Learn more about the Patient Portal by downloading the brochure. To obtain a username and password, contact us at 810-732-1846 or email PatientPortal@rmipc.net.

    Come into any RMI office and ask for a copy.  The report is available approximately six days after your exam.

    If you have questions about your report, please call the RMI Record Services department at 810-732-1846 from 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.