How to avoid exam rescheduling

    A big concern for our guests, their physicians, and our team is the need to reschedule radiology exams. Here is a quick reminder about doctor’s orders.

    You always need a doctor’s order for your medical imaging exam.

    Please be advised that calling and requesting an exam isn’t enough. We are required by law to have a signed order form from your physician.

    We want to ensure you are getting the proper exams to help your physician determine the best exam(s) for your particular situation. This protects you, and protects us. It is crucial we know who your referring physician is, so we can send the results directly (and quickly) to them.

    If you accidentally forget your signed order form, we will attempt to contact your physician and request that they send us another order. Unfortunately, if we are unable to reach their office, we may need to reschedule your appointment until we have the order form.

    A doctor’s order is required for mammograms.

    A common exam RMI finds patients coming in for without a doctor’s order are mammograms. RMI is dedicated to women’s healthcare and sends yearly mammogram reminders to patients we have seen before.

    We send out a mammogram reminder letter to our patients, reminding them it’s time for their annual mammogram. Often times, this is mistaken as an order form. Please be sure to see your physician for who will supply you with an order form. This will help ensure there is no need for any additional exams to be performed at that time.

    A mammogram reminder is not a doctor’s order. So be sure to check with your doctor when you receive our annual mammogram reminder. Once you have an order, we will schedule you right away. Keep in mind, we have several locations and will work with you to schedule you at a location that meets your needs.

    What if I schedule online?

    Requesting an appointment online at rmipc.net/request-an-appointment/ also requires having a signed doctor’s order. Filling out the form generates an e-mail to our scheduling department, who will call you to schedule the exams requested by your physician.

    Example for why an order is required

    The following is an example of why an order is needed. There have been times when a patient has come in for an exam and our radiologists find that there is a need for an additional exam to fully determine a diagnosis. When possible, we try to have those exams performed while you’re still here, to save you from needing to come back in. We understand you’re busy and respect your time.

    Are there exceptions to needing a doctor’s order?

    There is one exception to the requirement for a doctor’s order. We can see patients with no doctor’s order for a screening breast MRI if the exam is paid by cash. There are no other exceptions to this rule. We do; however, need your family physicians name so we can send them a report.

    We hope this post helps remind you of the importance of obtaining a doctor’s order before setting up your medical imaging exam. Doing so could save you time the day of your exam.

    We look forward to serving you – with your doctor’s order!

    Please call our scheduling department at 810-732-1919 if you have any questions.