Inside medical imaging: MSK exams

    Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (MSK or MSK US) uses sound waves to create images of specific areas of the body such as joints, muscles and tendons.

    With the Crim Festival of Races ongoing Aug. 26-27, many professional and amateur athletes may want to be aware of this imaging exam. It’s usefulness in diagnosing sprains, tears, tendonitis, Achilles heel, joint inflammation & cysts caused by sports is evident.

    A fascinating ability of MSK is its ability to do real-time, or dynamic, imaging. During the exam, you move the limb that is causing pain, allowing our radiologist to spot exactly where the pain is originating. Your doctor can then determine treatment for the injury.

    We certainly hope nothing goes awry when you are participating in the Crim!  If it does, please let your physician know you want the high-quality, affordable imaging service at RMI with our technicians specialized in MSK. We’ll get you back in your running shoes in no time.

    Besides athletic injuries, MSK is used to diagnose benign or malignant soft tissue, tumors, hernias, rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and penetration by foreign objects such as glass shards or wood splinters.

    MSK has many benefits when compared with x-ray and other imaging exams. You are not exposed to radiation, there’s no worry of claustrophobia if that’s a concern for you, it’s safe for your children, and there is no preparation for the exam.

    The exam is also quite affordable – half the cost on an MRI. If you choose to pay by cash you can save 50% or more compared with most providers. This makes it ideal for those with high deductibles or without insurance. Learn more about RMI’s cash pricing.

    We hope you enjoy the Crim, or any other sporting events you participate in! And be sure to join RMI at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk on October 8 in downtown Flint.

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