CT Lung Screening Eligibility

    Paying for CT lung cancer screening may be handled through insurance or direct payment. RMI highly recommends a yearly CT lung cancer screening for at-risk patients. Eligibility requirements are:

    • 55-76 years of age
    • Current smoker or have quit smoking within the last 15 years
    • Have smoked at least 30 pack years (an average of 1 pack of cigarettes per day for 30 years, more for a shorter period of time, or less for longer)
      • Pack years = (cigarettes per day x years smoked) ÷ 20
    • Have not had a history of lung cancer or lung cancer symptoms

    In some cases, doctors may recommend CT lung cancer screening for current or former smokers who who do not meet these exact criteria, based on an individual assessment of lung cancer risk.

    If you believe you are at risk for lung cancer, your first step is to discuss your smoking history or other risk factors with your primary care physician. While the best way to reduce lung cancer risk is to stop smoking, your doctor may decide that a CT lung screening is appropriate for you. Your physician can also contact RMI at (810) 732-1919 to consult with a radiologist about CT lung cancer screenings.

    Pack Years calculators

    To check to see if you qualify for CT Lung Screening based on pack-years, the following pack-year calculators should prove useful.

    Smoking Pack Years: includes calculators for cigar, pipe, water pipe, cigarillos.

    Cigarette Calculator: calculates number smoked and packs per day

    Lung Cancer Risk Assessment Tool (American Association for Thoracic Surgery): a very comprehensive tool with a fine level of detail.

    No insurance? RMI provides an affordable option

    RMI accepts self-pay/cash payment at time of service for CT lung screenings — and all other diagnostic exams. For CT Lung Screening, our significantly discounted cash price makes the exam accessible to patients who must pay out of pocket.

    Learn more about our cash (self-pay) pricing. This cash-pay option typically costs less than a month of smoking.

    CT Lung Screening patient eligibility checklist and brochure